• We protect your organization through the pandemic.

We protect your organization through the pandemic.

Now, many important actors in society are busy making quick and wise decisions that result in measures to strengthen, for example, healthcare capacity, ensure management skills, and prioritize resources where the needs are greatest. What many companies miss is the degree of cybersecurity required to counteract the rapidly increasing number of data breaches that afflict actors daily.

Be one step ahead. Let us secure your organization so that you can focus on other important things.

Delta/NET – our flagship. We managed at an early stage to realize that to overcome cybercrime, you need to be one step ahead. The foundation of Delta/NET is based on a pioneering and deeply high-tech infrastructure, which through decentralization and distribution enables full integrity, control, and security of the stored data. We help you deal with the most advanced and increasing number of cybercrime before it hits you.

Pioneering and deeply high-tech

Encrypt & Upload Files

Files are encrypted on the client-side before being uploaded to our high-tech network. Our heart then ensures that all data is stored securely… and it doesn’t stop there.

Split Files & Distribute

The encrypted files are then divided into smaller pieces, tagged with a unique ID that the blockchain verifies, and then distributed to nodes in our secure and advance network.

Store & Retrieve File Pieces

When it’s time to download or view the file, our heart calls on the storage nodes where the file fragments are stored privately. The blockchain then verifies your ID against the ID of the file fragments and retrieves the file for you. This makes data intrusion a thing of the past.

About us

We work closely with our customers to ensure their digital stability.

JS Security is a Swedish cybersecurity company with the goal of minimizing and preventing all data breaches that occur on a global scale. With a close and continuous customer dialogue, in combination with positioning ourselves at the forefront of technology and scalability, we are certain of the impact we can have on our clients digital security.

Our infrastructure is based on the most advanced components; blockchain, file-sharding, encryption, and of course our desire to assure the digital security.

We want to change how companies and authorities keep data secure so that everyone can live a better and more secure digital life.

A system that gives you peace in mind.

Have you ever wondered what might happen if your business is compromised? How will your daily activities continue? How will your employees feel? What will it cost to repair? Let us not find out, but instead secure your organization before it happens.

For investors or the curious

Latest news and press releases.

JS Security och representanter från riksdagen inleder dialog angående samarbete i regeringens nya satsning om nationellt cybersäkerhetscenter

Onsdag den 3/3-2021 hade JS Security Technologies Group AB (‘’JS Security’’) sitt första och inledande möte avseende ett långsiktigt samarbete tillsammans med riksdagsledamöterna Mikael Larsson (C) (‘’Mikael’’) och Niels Paarup-Petersen (C) (‘’Niels’’) med mål om att säkra Sveriges datahantering.

How blockchain is changing the world of data storage

The main reason to raise your data security is to ensure the safety of all the information you have and store. When it comes to your customers, ensuring their safety of data is the minimum the vast of them will expect for companies they invest money or time in.

The importance of secure data storage

Data is the heart of every business. Many companies take data for granted as being safe, stored far away on computers, and “difficult” to access. A thirst for information has become the core of every business. With that being said, information theft and cyber attacks are not a new threat to companies and their data storage.