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JS Security

JS Security is based on a pioneering and deeply high-tech infrastructure, which through decentralization and distribution enables full integrity, control, and security of the stored data. We help you deal with the most advanced and increasing number of cybercrime before it hits you by securing your stored data, information, and files.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop a self-sustaining, deeply technical infrastructure and network, where we let the end-user own and manage its own documents, files, and information, without relying on us as a company. The end-user only has to trust the network, not us.

We want to change how private consumers, companies, and authorities keep data secure so that everyone can live a better and more secure digital life.

Our technology

JS Security is here to make a difference and to develop new technology to help meet our mission, vision and goal. The people behind JS Security are deeply integrated into the blockchain and crypto roots, but also highly skilled network developers who all have extensive knowledge in blockchain, network, and infrastructural development.

We strive to develop new and groundbreaking technology every day.

JS Security is currently developing a decentralized and distributed peer-2-peer network, that will be the underlying backbone of our current network and infrastructure. Everything that passes the JS Security platform gets shredded into smaller pieces and then distributed out on the node network. With additional layers of security and encryption, we make sure that each and every piece of the file is securely stored.

Decentralised peer-2-peer network

The JS Security peer-2-peer network is founded on people giving storage space to the network. We have developed a desktop application for Windows, Linux, and Max that is easy to install. It gives the node providers the option to select how much storage they want to allocate to the network. Once selected, we format a part of the disk, which makes it open to the network.

With our peer-2-peer network, we distribute files really fast and gives our clients on-demand file upload and download including encryption, sharding, and distribution. With an underlying blockchain for verification and transaction registration.


Blockchain ecosystem

The JS Security ecosystem is a transaction-based decentralized economic system, where we use the blockchain to track the daily activity on the network.

The blockchain works hand-in-hand with our node providers, where each node provider is also a host of the blockchain-ledger, making the whole blockchain decentralized and distributed.

We don’t trust. We verify to trust.


Application & usage

JS Security will develop a wide range of services, to help the end-user keep information secure. Currently, our main platform, Security As A Service, is our document tool making file storage, sharing, and collaboration much more secure than before.

Imagine traditional platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint, etc, but decentralized and much more secure. That’s Security As A Service!

Our current status

As many new things. Development and testing take time. We are reinventing traditional file storage and creating a more sustainable solution for the end-user, where they actually get to own their own information. We are currently in different stages, and development is a thing of the future for us. We will not stop and we will always be innovating.

Our P2P network from above – Join early-access

Do you want to be a part of the network and take advantage of all the benefits that come with being a Node Provider? Register by following this link here: early.jssecurity.tech


Dear shareholders,

We have a lot of exciting things going on and are now ready to continuously start communicating events in the company in a new format.

Recently, great focus has been placed on development and dialogues with stakeholders, potential partners, and potential customers.

Read more here


We want to welcome our new Developer Mats, Mats has over 20 years of experience in complex system development. He has previously worked with companies such as Tobii, Scania, IKEA, Telia, Eniro, SJ, and Peab.

We welcome Mats to JS Security!


We want to welcome our new Developer Martin, Martin started developing at the age of 13. He has since then worked with different technologies and had good knowledge of computer programming and science.

We welcome Martin to JS Security!


We have started integration of our own decentralized library, which makes it possible to transmit, client-side encryption and distribute files to our decentralized network.


One login, one authentication. We have been optimizing our authentication and login flow to make it as easy as possible for our users and customers. We have also launched a dedicated account page, where each user can follow our vision and goal towards giving every user full control of the information.


The initial version of our decentralized network is ready for internal testing. The goal is to find bugs and test our vision and theory. We are still in the initial phase of testing but we are confident that we have reached a big milestone in the development of our peer-2-peer network.

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