Our Vision

Pioneering and deeply high-tech

The company’s goal and vision is for Sweden to be self-sufficient in secure data storage which we call the “Network”.

JS Security is currently building a storage network of the future and we are actively working to build the infrastructure to launch something we call “AlphaNET”.

The network today consists of a number of selected data storage suppliers but also physical Swedish citizens and selected companies. The whole idea and background to the Swedish network are based on the fact that we do not see why a few suppliers of centralized storage should hold so much data from people and companies. Instead, we want to add reliability, security and make it fully decentralized.

Instead of just buying data storage from a cloud provider, we want to add the possibility for a customer to provide his own data storage, even a provider, and connect the same to the network becoming a node in the system. To connect a rented or owned storage unit to the network will quickly increase the size of the network. Suppliers of data storage can either rent out or sell space in existing data centers to customers who need larger amounts of data storage. Each provided storage unit will be a node in the network wherever it is located, hence creating enough space for everybody to make use of. This is the beauty of “blockchain” where the ledger keeps track of where the data is stored, no need for it to be at a centralized location, in fact, nobody will ever know where it is stored, it will be spread in multiple locations and have as many redundancy levels as the customer/network wants, recommended minimum of three up to hundreds!

The vision here is to build a sufficiently large peer-2-peer network and let Sweden and Swedish customers be the provider of the network. Each person then stores their own data on the network as a whole and instead of relying on one supplier. One relies on the greater mass, in the end, the whole Swedish population can be a provider adding a storage unit with a cable to the internet. No need for a centralized data provider!

The network is the basis of our product. All our services are based on the network and the size is the same. We will over time open up our network so that anyone can participate with their own storage unit as a node. In the near future, we will also open up our network to the market for developers and companies who want to build applications on top of our infrastructure. On top of this, we will be able to develop a number of different products that we call “Blockchain-as-a-service”.

Pierre Grönberg
Founder & CTO

We are Pioneering with deeply high-tech infrastructure.

Have you ever wondered what might happen if your business is compromised? How will your daily activities continue? How will your employees feel? What will it cost to repair? Let us not find out, but instead secure your organization before it happens. Contact me and I will be happy to assist you.

Christopher Ramstedt

COO & Head of Investor Relations