Dear shareholders,

Here is a new update from us at JS Security.

We have now initiated the final development phase within the framework of R1 (Roadmap 1). This means that the "Node Provider" application will soon be opened for "early access". The Node Provider application is the part of the network that enables shareholders, private individuals, and other stakeholders to join the network. The testing has so far gone according to our expectations. Now a small amount of development remains, in parallel with "bounty testing" and then launching and opening up for "early access".

We will also create a "Node Explorer" environment, where stakeholders are allowed to view the network in real-time. In Node Explorer comes the number of nodes, storage capacity, etc. to be presented in detail.

Furthermore, we have an incredibly good spread on our iOS app, which will simplify the connection of nodes to the network. We currently have a user base of 473 people in the United States alone, where the engagement rate is as high as 93%. In total, we have a user base of 716 individuals.

"We see great opportunities to connect these users to our Node Provider application, which in turn would mean that we can have up to 716 active nodes, i.e. storage devices in our decentralized and distributed P2P network from launch,'' says Christopher Ramstedt, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Investor Relations

"It is worth noting that although nodes may be located in different geographical locations around the world, we will continue to be '' Cloud Act '' secured. This means that we can use a global storage structure, without falling under the Cloud Act regulation as other players in the industry do. '' Adds Christopher Ramstedt

In recent months, we have also continued the development of our Investor Relations app, which has meant that most updates have been published. In the latest update, we have improved information management and our push notices. This has improved the process of being able to quickly and efficiently publish information to our shareholders and other stakeholders.

We ask all people who have downloaded our Investor Relations app to update to the latest version available on the App Store. In some rare cases, you may need to uninstall the app, and then reinstall it to complete the update.

Last but not least, yesterday we published information about a potential acquisition, which felt natural to highlight in this mailing. JS Security yesterday entered into an LOI with Stonebeach AB, to acquire all shares in the company.

StoneBeach is a well-established company in information security and enterprise content services. The synergies between JS Security and StoneBeach are incredibly fine and will add great added value to the Group in the form of additional cutting-edge expertise, existing customers in the banking and finance sector, and the automotive industry. '' Says Pontus Wilgodt, acting CEO

Read the full press release (in Swedish) about the intended acquisition here:

We will continue to explore the market after further acquisitions to supplement our operations. This is in parallel with our work on sales, collaborations, and partnerships as well as business development, to continue to add value to our shareholders.

The next block, "Block_004" will be published on November 18, 2021.

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