JS Security presents its 6-month-old development plan in accordance with previously communicated information

JS Security presents its roadmap for the milestones the company sees in front of it on the way to a self-sufficient national data storage system with associated networks. In the attached document The upcoming milestones and associated information are described in detail. 

The following milestones are briefly described below:


The POC network

POC network is the network currently used in the Company's existing products. The POC network will be further developed into an "AlphaNet" and later released the name "MainNet".



Delta / NET is undergoing a name change to Security-as-a-service. This is the Company's first B2B product that offers their customers a secure way to store, manage and share stored files within their organization. 
In this phase, JS Security will modify the underlying API and implement it in the Company's POC network. In addition to modification of the underlying API as well as implementation to the POC network, the Company will launch a set of new tools and features to make the system more user-friendly.


AlphaNet & MainNet

AlphaNet will be the first version in the Company's production network regarding the new underlying network. Initially, the Company will join existing partners and customers for a trial period. The results from the period will provide the Company with detailed information and guidelines for further development going forward. When the testing is complete and approved, the company will launch the end product of the development plan under the name "MainNet". MainNet will include a set of new features, a private/public blockchain for organizations as well as automation, scalability, and security


Sales and partnership

In parallel with the attached roadmap, JS Security will continue to actively work with sales of the Company's existing products and process partnerships and collaborations.

''It is completely in line with our strategy that the market has previously benefited from and it growth phase that we have now stepped into. This means further steps for us towards the goal of one national self-sufficient data storage system with associated networks. With this, we place ourselves at the forefront of decentralized data storage. We come in addition to further development In the coming months, we will work hard in parallel with sales of our existing product Delta/NET, future '' Security-as-a-service '' and processing of partnerships and collaborations '' says Christopher Ramstedt, Chief Operating Officer & Head of Investor Relations


For further information, please contact:

Christopher Ramstedt, Chief Operating Officer & Head of Investor Relations


About JS Security

JS Security is a Swedish blockchain-based cybersecurity group. The company's competence lies in the development of deep technological infrastructure and technology platforms based on blockchain technology. JS Security offers secure decentralized data storage and complementary applications primarily for B2B. The current customers can be found in
Scandinavia. JS Security has offices in Helsingborg and headquarters in Stockholm.

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JS Security presents its 6-month-old development plan in accordance with previously communicated information

JS Security Technologies Group AB ('' JS Security '' or '' the Company '') presents its 6 months' development plan, a so-called roadmap, linked to the previously communicated information about the next step in the Company's direction towards creating national self-sufficient data storage system.