The JS Security mission is to create a
future where everyone can own
their own data and information

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We need to put a stop to data breached and information landing in the wrong hands

JS Security is currently building a network where you will be in full control.

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A platform where you are the owner of your data. Where you can store information in a very secure and new way.

And where you can be an active part of keeping the network secure.

Files are encrypted on the client-side before being uploaded to our network. Our network then ensures that all data is stored securely on our decentralised peer 2 peer network… and it doesn’t stop there.

The encrypted files are then divided into smaller pieces, tagged with a unique ID that the blockchain verifies, and then distributed to nodes in our decentralised peer 2 peer network.

When it’s time to download or view the file, our blockchain calls on the storage nodes where the file fragments are stored anonymously. The blockchain then verifies your ID against the ID of the file fragments and retrieves the file for you. This makes data immutable and untouchable by "outsiders"

Data intrusion and data breaches are now a thing of the past with JS Security

Be the true gatekeeper of your data and information!

With JS Security

It starts and ends in your control. Be a part of the journey today!