Security as a service is our main product that is in continuous development with our clients and partners. The Swedish security as a service is ours out of a box base platform that utilizes all aspects of our network and solutions. The security as a service solution gives you the freedom to do customs solutions and integration. Host your private or public blockchain. Build a network of organizations under one roof and build your on an on-premises decentralized solution.

Pioneering and deeply high-tech infrastructure.

Security As a Service is based on a pioneering and deeply high-tech infrastructure, which through decentralization and distribution enables full integrity, control, and security of the stored data. We help you deal with the most advanced and increasing number of cybercrime before it hits you.


Upload files

When you upload a file in Security As a Service, you do the same as you do if you use e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar. You upload the file either by dragging it into the system or via the file browser, and the system starts working. In this stage, the file also gets encrypted.


During the upload process, the file is split using our proprietary file sharing component. In this step, the system “tears” your file into pieces which are then encrypted once more and which are then tagged with the unique ID, a so-called “hash”. The ID plays a significant role later in the process.



When the file has passed upload, share, and has been encrypted, we come to the distribution stage. All small pieces of your file will be spread through our distribution component, out to various nodes in our high-tech network. The different pieces will be completely private and far apart in the network.


The blockchain acts as a verification component in the network. It logs everything that happens during upload and download as well as pairing unique IDs together to ensure that only the file owner or a person with the right authority can access the file.


Retrieving files

When you then have to download your file, click on “download” as usual. What the system does in the first step is to recall all the small pieces of the file that were split and distributed in the network during the file-sharding process using the blockchain.

Locating parent hash

The system then locates which parent hash is linked to your user and all unique IDs. This is to ensure that you are the right person and that you should have access to the stored file.


In the last step, the system merges all the different small pieces and then creates a complete version that you as the owner/authorized person have the right to download. All these steps take place in less than a second. You do not even have time to notice it.


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