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Want to become an important part of the JS Security network? Join our network of Node Providers. Provide storage, and help us build a truly decentralized and distributed network. Sign up today, and become one of the first nodes in Sweden!

What, how & why?

Becoming a node provider means that you allow us to use a fixed amount of storage space from your storage device. In this case, 100 GB. All you need to do is, install the ”JS Security Node Provider”-app, create an account on our website, log in, and you are good to go. Our decentralized network will pick up your request, and add you as a peer in our peer-to-peer network. The network will then start replicating itself onto your node.

A JS Security node provider is one of the key components of our Decentralized Network. This is the first step in our mission to be truly decentralized, where we make it possible for users and hosts to keep their information secure. JS Security has developed a peer-to-peer network built on secure, distributed append-only logs. They’re like lightweight blockchains without the consensus algorithm. Kinda like BitTorrent, as more people “seed” a dataset, it will increase the available bandwidth.

What is a Peer-to-Peer Network?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol is an application that allows two computers to connect directly. It helps to avoid using a central server. In this case, ‘peers’ or nodes are equal participants of the network. Peer-to-peer meaning is the direct interaction between two computer systems within one network.

Each participant should have certain software and an Internet connection. The software gives access to other computer systems of the network. Thus it is possible to share data or processing power directly and to search for necessary information on other computers of the network. Normally users are able to select resources they are willing to share.


The Node Provider

The Node Provider is a Windows, Linux, and Mac-based application, that is easy to install and continuously manage. It runs in the background and requires a stable internet connection. To become an early access tester, we require that you have at least 100 GB of free data to allocate to the network and that you can dedicated uptime to the network.


Why Early Access?

Our early access users who sign up, make us believe that we have members in our community willing to try and test our product and services. In return, we will forever remember the people who were with us from the beginning.

By joining early, we will give you developer-specific information and the latest in terms of product development.

Pioneering and deeply high-tech infrastructure.

JS Security is based on a pioneering and deeply high-tech infrastructure, which through decentralization and distribution enables full integrity, control, and security of the stored data. We help you deal with the most advanced and increasing number of cybercrime before it hits you.

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Meet our founder
Pierre Grönberg

Pierre has a vision and goal to build a truly decentralized network owned by the people. Pierre also has ambitions and goals to build one of the most secure data storage platforms on the market and combine advanced technology from the Crypto, Defi, and cyber security world and build world-class applications and services to prevent data breaches intrusions as loss for the everyday user and company. Pierre is CTO and Head of Development at JS Security and is the man behind the product and technology together with a fantastic team of young and dedicated developers

Pierre Gronberg

CTO & Head of Development