Roadmap 1

We are in an exciting phase of building our dream product based on our unique platform!

When JS Security was created, we had a very clear goal of what we wanted to achieve. The objectives were to truly decentralize the way we store information with an added level of security never seen before.

This will not only bring down the cost of expensive solutions used to keep data safe, which is not that easy. Data stored in central storage can be hacked with the right knowledge as we have seen many examples of. At some point during the lifespan, data gets leaked in some way. Either through data breaches, hacking, or from people who work and access data from a centralized location.

Let us say it is tough to know what happens to a specific file at any given time.

This is our first initial roadmap to give our investors and potential customers an idea of the work we have laid out for this year.

The roadmap will guide you through our journey, and we are super excited to have come this far. From now on we will improve our technology stack on a daily basis and never forget the actual goal!

Helsingborg, June 2021

Pierre Grönberg, Founder & CTO
JS Security Technologies Group AB

Read our full roadmap here