DevOps / Cyber Security oriented DevOps

JS Security is currently developing the next generation data storage network based on Blockchain and crytpo technology customisable for businesses, government agencies and private consumers to improve efficiency and securely store information, files and data.

We are currently looking for a Cyber Security Specialist/Analys as an addition to our team of highly skilled developers to tackle the change of keeping data secure.

Cyber Security function that may include:

  • Assist Cyber Security Analyst with security assessments of systems and networks
  • Assist with vulnerability assessments and patch mitigation
  • Assist with compliance audits and implementation of required cyber security controls
  • Perform analyses to validate established security requirements and monitor corrective actions until all actions are
  • Monitor and respond to security alerts and escalate as necessary to cyber analyst team and management
  • Other duties as assigned

Please include your CV and why you will be a good fit.