How blockchain is changing the world of data storage

Encryption of data 

Data is immeasurably valuable. Data you store can be encrypted even before you send it or after. Our data crypto coding software effectively improves data security by using the most advanced algorithm to transform a normal text into an encrypted one and an encryption key to make sure communication is one hundred percent safe and impenetrable.

Data is unreadable for unauthorized persons. Encrypted data can only be decrypted by a person with an authorized key. Encryption is actually in charge of protecting the data that you keep and exchange between mobile devices, databases, and the cloud.

The power of blockchain

First thing first, a blockchain is a computer for storing data. To put it in more technical terms, blockchain is an open, distributed database. The data you have is distributed across computers, and the blockchain is completely decentralized, which means no one, even the government, has control over it.

How does it actually work? The file is comprised of data blocks, with each block being connected to the previous one, forming a chain. Along with the data itself, every single block also contains a record of when that block was edited, created, and so on. All of these make blockchain useful for maintaining a clear and detailed system of records that cannot be lost or corrupted.

Backups & recovery

Prioritizing data security also involves a plan for how to access and recover your client’s and company’s data in the event of a disaster, data corruption, system failure, or even breach from the outside.

Doing regular data backups is an important process that helps you with this access. To put it simply, a data backup implies making an exact copy of your data and storing it on a separate, undependable system. You can recover your lost data in no time by using the backup.

Following the legal guidelines

Regardless of the data type, you are storing through your company’s servers, customer data and other materials that affect the work of your employees should be your number one priority as it is not only about moral judgment – it is a legal requirement!

The bottom line

The main reason to raise your data security is to ensure the safety of all the information you have and store. When it comes to your customers, ensuring their safety of data is the minimum the vast of them will expect for companies they invest money or time in.

By making sure the data of both your employees and customers are kept safe and secure, you can have complete peace of mind that comes from the fact that your business reputation is protected from negative public opinion, establishing you as a leading brand that can be completely trusted.

All in all, if you keep data unprotected, it is far easier to access and steal from digital thieves and outside sources, and you certainly want to avoid that.