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Block_001 - News and ongoing updates from JS Security

Dear shareholders,

We have a lot of exciting things going on and are now ready to continuously start communicating events in the company in a new format.

Recently, great focus has been placed on development and dialogues with stakeholders, potential partners, and potential customers.

Säker Datalagring med Blockchain - Podcast

I detta avsnitt träffar Framtidsbolagens Hampus Rebjö, Christopher Ramstedt, COO och co-founder på JS Security. I detta avsnitt pratas det bland annat om teknologin bakom just Datalagring via Blockchain teknik, vilka konkurrenter som finns idag, uppmärksamheten som JS Security mottagit och deras fantastiskt lyckade IPO.

The RoadMap - R1

We are in an exciting phase of building our dream product based on our unique platform!

The roadmap will guide you through our journey, and we are super excited to have come this far. From now on we will improve our technology stack on a daily basis and never forget the actual goal!

White-paper - v1

The JS Security technical whitepaper v1 is in production and will be released shortly.

Stay tuned