Peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol is an application that allows two computers to connect directly. It helps to avoid using a central server. In this case, the ''peers'' or nodes are equal participants of the network. Peer-to-peer explains the direct interaction between two computer systems within one network.

The technology

The JS Security peer-2-peer network is founded on people giving storage space to the network. We have developed a desktop application for Windows, Linux, and Max that is easy to install. It gives the node providers the option to select how much storage they want to allocate to the network. Once selected, we format a part of the disk, which makes it open to the network.

With our peer-2-peer network, we distribute files really fast and gives our clients on-demand file upload and download including encryption, sharding, and distribution. With an underlying blockchain for verification and transaction registration.


Blockchain ecosystem

The JS Security ecosystem is a transaction-based decentralized economic system, where we use the blockchain to track the daily activity on the network.

The blockchain works hand-in-hand with our node providers, where each node provider is also a host of the blockchain-ledger, making the whole blockchain decentralized and distributed.

We don’t trust. We verify to trust.

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Meet our founder
Pierre Grönberg

Pierre has a vision and goal to build a truly decentralized network owned by the people. Pierre also has ambitions and goals to build one of the most secure data storage platforms on the market and combine advanced technology from the Crypto, Defi, and cyber security world and build world-class applications and services to prevent data breaches intrusions as loss for the everyday user and company. Pierre is CTO and Head of Development at JS Security and is the man behind the product and technology together with a fantastic team of young and dedicated developers

Pierre Grönberg

CTO & Head of Development