New technology that gives you peace in mind.

JS Security is a Swedish cybersecurity company with the goal of minimizing and preventing all data breaches that occur on a global scale. With a close and continuous customer dialogue, in combination with positioning ourselves at the forefront of technology and scalability, we are certain of the impact we can have on our client’s digital security.

Our infrastructure is based on the most advanced components; blockchain, file-sharding, encryption, and of course our desire to assure digital security.

We want to change how companies and authorities keep data secure so that everyone can live a better and more secure digital life.

The vision here is to build a sufficiently large peer-2-peer network and let Sweden and Swedish customers be the provider of the network. Each person then stores their own data on the network as a whole and instead of relying on one supplier. One relies on the greater mass, in the end, the whole Swedish population can be a provider adding a storage unit with a cable to the internet. No need for a centralized data provider!

Pioneering and deeply high-tech infrastructure.

JS Security is based on a pioneering and deeply high-tech infrastructure, which through decentralization and distribution enables full integrity, control, and security of the stored data. We help you deal with the most advanced and increasing number of cybercrime before it hits you.