The JS Security community is growing. And we are working on expanding our community and the ways you can connect with us.


JS Security is currently developing its own public forum that can be accessed from the JS Security mobile IOS/Android app also coming to iPad. The idea of this forum is to give our users a direct connection to the companies management where we are able to answer questions. This makes it possible for us to be more transparent and also control the way information is communicated in a fair and respectful way.


Welcome to the official podcast hosted by JS Security. A cyber security group with ambitions to revolutionize the way people store and keep data secure. This podcast gives you the ins and outs directly from the company’s brains and the people behind each element. A podcast to give you the juicy details of what’s happening around the company, in the market, and of course with a splash of deep innovation. We call it the “BlockCast”!

Developer Program

JS Security will be opening a Developer Program giving developers the option to integrate the JS Security core APIs to existing applications and services. This will be released in Q2 2022

Investor Relations

The JS Security investor relations page. This is the number one stop for every investor interested in following and reading more about JS Security. Stay tuned for the latest news from us.


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