JS Security is twisting the whole idea of decentralized cloud storage. Security As A Service balances a fine line between security and convenience. It is not good enough to focus solely on security. Decentralized cloud storage is striking a balance with convenience is paramount when a product desires to reach widespread adoption and to break old traditional habits of storing data in insecure locations.


The Internet is a massive decentralized and distributed network consisting of billions of devices that are not controlled by a single group or entity. Much of the data currently available through the Internet is relatively centralized and is stored with a handful of technology companies that have the experience and capital to build massive data centers capable of handling this vast amount of information. A few of the challenges faced by data centers are data breaches, periods of unavailability on a grand scale, storage costs, and expanding and upgrading quickly enough to meet user demand for faster data and larger formats.

Decentralized storage has emerged as an answer to the challenge of providing a performant, secure, private, and economical cloud storage solution. Decentralized storage is better positioned to achieve these outcomes as the architecture has a more natural alignment to the decentralized architecture of the Internet as a whole, as opposed to massive centralized data centers.

News coverage of data breaches over the past few years has shown us that the frequency of such violations has been increasing by as much as a factor of 10 between 2005 and 2017.

Decentralized storage’s process of protecting data makes data breaches more complicated than current methods used by data centers while, at the same time, costing less than current storage methods. This model can address the rapidly expanding amount of data for which existing solutions struggle. With an anticipated 44 zettabytes of data expected to exist by 2020 and a market that will grow to USD 92 billion during the same time frame,

We have identified several key market segments that decentralized cloud storage has the potential to address. As decentralized cloud storage capabilities evolve, it will be able to manage a much more comprehensive range of use cases.

The product technology

JS Security is taking a twist on the whole idea of Decentralized cloud storage. Security As A Service (our product) aims to offer a product that balances a fine line between security and convenience. Presently, it is not good enough to focus solely on security and decentralized cloud storage as a whole, striking a balance with convenience is paramount when a product desires to reach widespread adoption and to break old traditional habits of storing data in insecure locations. Security As A Service aims to provide a wide range of features that respect the former and also bring innovation to the market.

When designing a distributed storage system that should have a balance and specifically focus on crucial aspects but the bigger picture, there are many parameters to be optimized such as speed, capacity, trustlessness, cost, bandwidth, and latency, security, usability, scalability, and what sectors you would like to focus on. Private/Company/Government. We propose a framework that scales horizontally to exabytes of data storage across the globe.

Our system, Security As A Service, is a robust platform that utilizes different key opensource, on-house developed, and existing platforms that we brought together to uniquely create a balance in each area but keeping data security as the top priority. Our Network shards, and distributes data to nodes around the network or inside of countries’ borders for storage. Data is stored and served in a manner purposefully designed to prevent breaches. To accomplish this task, we’ve designed our system to be modular, consisting of independent components with task-specific jobs. We’ve integrated these components to implement a decentralized file storage system that is not only secure, performant, and reliable but has the right touch to as previously mentioned dominate and reach a widespread adoption bringing centralized datacenter users to the decentralized world.

Security As A Service

The key, basic design, and goal for Security As A Service are to offer secure data storage to the everyday company owner, private consumer, or government agency. With our modular setup, we have designed an infrastructure architected to do the following things.

JS Security is currently developing a decentralized and distributed peer-2-peer network, that will be the underlying backbone of our current network and infrastructure. Everything that passes the JS Security platform gets shredded into smaller pieces and then distributed out on the node network. With additional layers of security and encryption, we make sure that each and every piece of the file is securely stored.

Decentralised Peer 2 Peer network

The JS Security peer-2-peer network is founded on people giving storage space to the network. We have developed a desktop application for Windows, Linux, and Max that is easy to install. It gives the node providers the option to select how much storage they want to allocate to the network. Once selected, we format a part of the disk, which makes it open to the network.

With our peer-2-peer network, we distribute files really fast and gives our clients on-demand file upload and download including encryption, sharding, and distribution. With an underlying blockchain for verification and transaction registration.


The Blockchain ecosystem

The JS Security ecosystem is a transaction-based decentralized economic system, where we use the blockchain to track the daily activity on the network.

The blockchain works hand-in-hand with our node providers, where each node provider is also a host of the blockchain-ledger, making the whole blockchain decentralized and distributed.

We don’t trust. We verify to trust.

Security & Privacy

Here at JS Security, we envision a future where the end-user does not need to trust other entities to store their data in a secure and privacy-preserving way. Security As A Service is a product that initially offers both managed and unmanaged secure data storage services. However, the vision is to fade into a completely trustless and convenient service, and it is an active research area internally as well.

There are many layers of technology involved in Security As A Service, and our mission is to make them all trustless one by one. The offered service is now extremely modular in terms of setup, with several options to configure the level of security to meet the needs of our customers. Data storage nodes can be self-hosted, access-permissions can be self-managed by creating chaincode packages, data storage space can be virtually rented from within the Security As A Service ecosystem, and much more.

Stay tuned for more as we update our progress.

Our current status

As many new things. Development and testing take time. We are reinventing traditional file storage and creating a more sustainable solution for the end-user, where they actually get to own their own information. We are currently in different stages, and development is a thing of the future for us. We will not stop and we will always be innovating.


Dear shareholders,

We have a lot of exciting things going on and are now ready to continuously start communicating events in the company in a new format.

Recently, great focus has been placed on development and dialogues with stakeholders, potential partners, and potential customers.

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We want to welcome our new Developer Mats, Mats has over 20 years of experience in complex system development. He has previously worked with companies such as Tobii, Scania, IKEA, Telia, Eniro, SJ, and Peab.

We welcome Mats to JS Security!


We want to welcome our new Developer Martin, Martin started developing at the age of 13. He has since then worked with different technologies and had good knowledge of computer programming and science.

We welcome Martin to JS Security!


We have started integration of our own decentralized library, which makes it possible to transmit, client-side encryption and distribute files to our decentralized network.


One login, one authentication. We have been optimizing our authentication and login flow to make it as easy as possible for our users and customers. We have also launched a dedicated account page, where each user can follow our vision and goal towards giving every user full control of the information.


The initial version of our decentralized network is ready for internal testing. The goal is to find bugs and test our vision and theory. We are still in the initial phase of testing but we are confident that we have reached a big milestone in the development of our peer-2-peer network.

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Decentralized cloud storage represents a fundamental shift in the efficiency and economy of large-scale storage. Eliminating central control allows us to store and share data without reliance on third-party storage providers like Google, AWS, or Microsoft solutions.

Decentralisations mitigates the risk of data failure and outage while simultaneously increasing the security and privacy of each stored data item. It offers companies, governments, and agencies the option to utilize highly secure data storage solutions for a less expensive secure storage solution.

There are many approaches to tackle the problem and build a system like this. Depending on the need and solution, different methods need to be I to offer and cate for that specific solution. There are also particular responsibilities for every given solution and implementation.

JS Security is a new company in the space with a dedicated, experienced team developing the next-generation secure file storage solution. With our knowledge in the Decentralises space and data storage as a keep aspect of our daily work life, we are not introducing a flexible but modular system to cater to the needs for Secure data storage.

Words from our founder
Pierre Grönberg

JS Security and our product Security As A Service is an existing project that I really believe in. With a huge potential to be the starting point of the next-generation cloud storage platform that can be the building block of the next big security application in the privacy space. I have full faith in this project and with the team of developers and innovators we are on a new patch to crating a world-leading date security revolution. /Pierre Grönberg - Head of Development & Systems integration

Pierre Grönberg

Head of Development & Systems integration