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We work closely with our customers to ensure their digital growth.

JS Security is a Swedish cybersecurity company with the goal of minimizing and preventing all data breaches that occur on a global scale. With a close and continuous customer dialogue, in combination with positioning ourselves at the forefront of technology and scalability, we are certain of the impact we can have on our clients digital security.

Our infrastructure is based on the most advanced components; blockchain, file-sharding, encryption, and of course our desire to assure the digital security.

We want to change how companies and authorities keep data secure so that everyone can live a better and more secure digital life.

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Behind every great company is a great mind, or two. Meet the founders behind JS Security.

When Christopher ended his employment at a successful and well-established company and teamed up with Pierre, people around him thought it was one of his best decisions. The friends had a big dream and an even bigger ambition. With a strong belief in themselves and unwavering positivity, they have created JS Security.

JS Security och representanter från riksdagen inleder dialog angående samarbete i regeringens nya satsning om nationellt cybersäkerhetscenter

Onsdag den 3/3-2021 hade JS Security Technologies Group AB (‘’JS Security’’) sitt första och inledande möte avseende ett långsiktigt samarbete tillsammans med riksdagsledamöterna Mikael Larsson (C) (‘’Mikael’’) och Niels Paarup-Petersen (C) (‘’Niels’’) med mål om att säkra Sveriges datahantering.

How blockchain is changing the world of data storage

Data is immeasurably valuable. Data you store can be encrypted even before you send it or after. Our data crypto coding software effectively improves data security by using the most advanced algorithm to transform a normal text into an encrypted one and an encryption key to make sure communication is one hundred percent safe and impenetrable.

The importance of secure data storage

Data is the heart of every business. Many companies take data for granted as being safe, stored far away on computers, and “difficult” to access. A thirst for information has become the core of every business. With that being said, information theft and cyber attacks are not a new threat to companies and their data storage.